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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures cover only a section where the missing teeth are. A partial denture is a  personalized, removable dental appliance that fills in the gaps left behind by multiple missing teeth. It  has internal attachments. At RC Dental Clinics, Dr. Rene Cabrera designs partial dentures either all from plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic, with clasps to secure the partial denture in the mouth. In addition to filling the spaces between the remaining teeth to create a more pleasing look, partial dentures prevent tooth misalignment. In terms of aesthetics, we design partial dentures with gum-colored plastic so that it would blend more easily with the remaining teeth. What is more, we pay close attention to the color we use for the teeth that are placed on the partial denture. Dr. Cabrera’s one main goal is  to achieve as natural a look as possible, which is why we do our best to match the color with the surrounding natural teeth. Partial dentures can be either fixed (FPD) or removable (RPD) and they are designed for patients who have several missing teeth dispersed along their mouth.

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